Bee and Wasp Removal and Control

If you find wasps nesting in your home or on your property do not attempt to treat it!

Wasp can be extremely aggressive and are lighteningly quick, unlike bees wasps can sting repeatedly, tough and aggressive we recommend that you call us at X Terminate Pest Control at the first sighting of high activity to determine if they are nesting or simply being attracted by a scent.

Treatment takes only a short period of time thou you will be advised to stay clear of the nest area until the setting of the sun that day


Will also defend their nest aggresively and once again it is not recommened to attempt to treat the hive by yourself

If bees are nesting in your walls you may find in a short period of time a large amount of ants comming to feed on the honey they are producing and in extreme cases discoloring of the walls as the honey seeps through the plaster

We advise treatment of either bees or wasps if they are in your home even if they are not in a threatening area such as above a or near a door way or open window.

Both deliver a painful sting that can be fatal in some situations.