Rats and Mice Rodent Removal and Control
Rats ans Mice as house guests

Are rodents having a party in your roof keeping you away all night long, are you finding droppings under your sinks, in your pantry in your shed or garage?

Rodents not only carry disease but can be a hazzard as they chew on electrical wires in roof and wall cavities, perhaps your TV reception has deminished over the last few days so youve been on the roof trying to adjust your anntena to no avail?

Has the thought crossed your mind perheps something has chewed through the wires?

Especially during the cooler months rodents love a nice warm nesting place and your home creates the perfect environment for nesting, walls and roof cavities are safe and cosy and not to far from food and water either.

Treatment is conducted if the roof void and under the house keeping all products away from children and pets, in some cases external treatments may be required if so lockable rodent stations are used to ensure children and pets are safe

X Terminate Pest Control will treat your home with fast knockdown procedure and leave you with a report of areas to be attended to to stop future infestations