Spiders Treatments and Control

Sighting a spider in your home is enough to send chills down the spines of many of us, you know the feeling when you see a huntsman in your room only for it to dissappear minutes later? where did he go! how can I sleep there are many common spiders that invade our homes and gardens, the most common in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs are :
Red Back spider
Daddy Longlegs
White tail spider
Black House spider (commonly refered to as the Melbourne Funnel web)
wolf spider
and of course the Huntsman Spider.

X Terminate Pest Control can give you a spider free home with a targeted treatment so you can get a well deserved good nights sleep!

Treatment is performed in roof and wall cavities, internal skirting boards, external walls, garden beds, rockeries, sheds decks and any other areas conducive to harbour these unwanted guests